10 Free Android Apps for English Language Learners

The rapid development in the mobile industry has allowed many learners to own a smartphone. With smartphone apps, learners can now learn on the go, while enjoying the new interactive world of social interaction via instant messaging and social media. Developers of mobile operating system (OS) like Android have provided vast collections of free applications for learning. Here, I am sharing 10 Free Android Apps (in no particular order) that can be useful for English language learners (description of each app is taken from Google Play).


1. Busuu

Busuu.com, the leading online community for language learning, brings you the perfect app to learn English on the go. It contains extensive vocabulary – over 3,000 words and key phrases from beginner to advanced intermediate levels (A1 – B2) It also cover 150 different topics using day-to-day situations.


2. Listen & Speak

Listen & Speak provides a method when templates (patterns) of studied language should be read, understood, listened, and pronounced sequentially. The application then allows listening to both the sample and your speech to analyze your pronunciation. You can also use an option to recognize your speech for automatic comparing to the sample and calculating an estimation of success.


3. Wordshake by British Council

A fun interactive game competing against the clock trying to make as many words as you can with grid of letters. The longer the words the more points you get. Wordshake includes a 10,000 + word vocabulary database and provides feedback on the possible words after you’ve complete the game.


4. Fluent English

FluentEnglish will help you practice understanding native English speakers and increase your vocabulary. It works like an audio book reader and also provides translation for words that you don’t understand. For better learning, it also provides pronunciations of each word in several different voices.


5. IELTS Word Power

British Council IELTS Word Power is a vocabulary practice app for IELTS test takers. With over 100 questions to test your word power, this app helps to build vocabulary in preparation for the IELTS test.


6. English Verb Trainer

This app allows learners to practise the conjugations of the most common English verbs. It comes with highly customizable drills and learners can learn it off-line.


7. Practice English Grammar – by Edulize

Practice English Grammar (Beginner Level) contains many pages of grammar lessons explaining the grammar topics of the tests. With over 500 questions in 16 topics, this app helps you practicing the basic usage of English grammar in elementary level.


8. EnglishPodcast for Learners

This application contains a feature to change playback speed slower or faster. With it, you can improve your listening skills. Most of the audios are from ESLPod, which are of good quality.



9. WordWeb English Dictionary

The free offline English dictionary and thesaurus with synonyms, related words and great search – and no adverts. It comes with 285,000 words, phrases and derived forms, 225,000 word sense definitions, 70,000 usage examples.


10. Interactive English

Interactive English is a free monthly app designed for you to practise and improve your English. Each of the monthly editions contains interactive exercises, a current news story and a recorded discussion, at three levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.



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