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The past tense and past participle of “split” is split NOT splitted. For example: I split it yesterday, I am splitting it now, it is split.


Larry Ferlazzo shared a good list of videos in his post entitled “5-Minute Film Festival: 8 Videos for ELL Classrooms” on EduTopia. Videos are essentially good for language learning and in the case of English, there are tonnes of useful videos online. See Larry’s list of videos here.  Do you have other videos to share?


You might have seen some of the words here, but ListMonde has managed to create an attractive inforgraphic for the common misused (or even confused) words among English language users. Check out the list.

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Those who plan to study TESL in public universities in Malaysia (and other education programmes) will have to sit for Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory (MEdSI) Test, before they are called for interview. This test is considered as the first round of filtering to identify one’s readiness to be a teacher. Here is a guide on the […]


Whether we like it or not, English plays an important role in deciding our “fate” in any job hunt. Although a person may have good qualifications, if the English proficiency is low or the language ability is poor, it would be hard to get hired. Here are two presentations worth looking at, with special focus […]


I found this video while looking through some useful videos for my class. I think some of the tips mentioned here are useful for Malaysian learners. Try them out!


Learning English can be difficult to many, especially when the grammar bit comes into the picture. For every grammar rule, there is almost always an exception. Not only that, sometimes the words can be rather confusing as well, especially when it has multiple meanings that change according to context. However, it’s all these “difficulties” that […]


Many English language users tend to think “i.e.” and “e.g.” share the same meaning and can be used interchangeably. Well, in fact, they are not. Although it is not advisable to use them too frequently in technical writing, they are rather popular since it simplifies the way examples or further elaborations is presented. What Do […]

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Kibin.com released an infographic a few months ago, showcasing the opinion of 1,700 online daters regarding the importance of grammar.  43% of the respondents actually stated poor grammar as a major turn-off, reducing the chance for daters to go into serious relationship. 35% actually stated good grammar as sexy.  The inforgraphic is shown below: A […]

Centre for Language Studies UNIMAS welcomes those who are interested to pursue postgraduate studies (via research)relevant to the following fields of specialization: Linguistics/Ethno-linguistics (Particularly Borneo languages) Language Teaching, Language Learning and Language Acquisition Applied Linguistics Literature Literacy http://www.cls.unimas.my/en/postgraduate/how-to-apply