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About Chuah Kee Man

An educator who is still learning and enjoys sharing what he has learned. He has a keen interest in technology-enhanced language learning particularly in the use of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.


Here are some useful tips to encourage more participation in the classroom. Designing Interactions with iTeaching (Interactive Teaching) Tools from Kee Man Chuah


Using poems in the English language classroom is nothing new, but to inject some forms of challenge and creativity in the process of delivering them can be intriguing to the learners. So, I started “Creative Poetry Presentation” activity in my class this semester, requiring my learners (coming from different faculties and having different MUET bands), […]


I am an avid fan of The Apprentice series (US version) not because I love Donald Trump but mainly due to the excitement to see how candidates of different qualifications and backgrounds compete to secure a job. And now that  Tony Fernandes has introduced the Asian version (The Apprentice Asia) on AXN, it is even […]


The rapid development in the mobile industry has allowed many learners to own a smartphone. With smartphone apps, learners can now learn on the go, while enjoying the new interactive world of social interaction via instant messaging and social media. Developers of mobile operating system (OS) like Android have provided vast collections of free applications […]


I considered myself lucky (though some would say I am crazy) to be given the chance to teach English language to several groups of foreign students at a local university. Not because I get to know students from different countries, but it allows me to cope with diverse challenges in English language teaching. The students […]

man writing a contract

Writing academic essays can be rather difficult as it requires some necessary “skills” in ensuring a piece of work remains “academic”. I would like to share a simple model (or guide) that would help you write academically. Of course, this is not “the” model that would transform you into a proficient academic writer overnight. It […]


Process writing approach can be a good way to help beginners in producing an essay. It gives students a systematic structure in organising their ideas. This is a simple worksheet that shows how the process writing approach is used in teaching students guided writing. The topic for the worksheet is The Benefits of The Internet. […]


Using pop song’s lyrics to teach tenses can be a good way to start a grammar lesson especially for beginners. Instead of going straight to the rules, enjoying a song while identifying the pattern could test students’ listening skill as well. I am sharing a simple lesson using U2’s song “I still Haven’t Found What […]

There are indeed vast amount of YouTube videos which can be used in the English language classrooms but teachers might not have the time to go through all of them. Students perhaps spend more time watching videos on YouTube than television these days. Here are 10 best YouTube channels for English language teachers, not only […]

The approach to genre, influenced by the systemic-functional linguistics (Halliday, 1978), emerged out of literacy research in primary schools in the 1970’s and ‘80’s. Researchers noticed that children did a lot of personal and narrative but very little factual and expository writing. The emphasis on personal creativity in narrative writing somehow creates a problem of […]