Clockwords – A Fun and Speedy Vocabulary Game

Clockwords is a flash-based game that test one’s vocabulary as well as typing skill. It is supported by Set in a Victorian age, your task is to think and type as fast as you can to fend off invaders that attempt to steal your secret machine. The game is fun and engaging for learners to learn vocabulary and at the same time practise their spelling ability since they need to type the word accurately in a short period of time.

This game can be used as part of a game-based lesson or simply introduce it to the students to play it at home.

Note: The introduction part of the game can be quite lengthy.

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  1. ibai merepek says:

    now this is could cure some boredom..:)

  2. Khidhir says:

    nice. simple game. but really interesting. the game load smoothly. it also help to speed up typing.

  3. Simple game but very nice….

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