Good Grammar Gets You Love, Oh Really? released an infographic a few months ago, showcasing the opinion of 1,700 online daters regarding the importance of grammar.  43% of the respondents actually stated poor grammar as a major turn-off, reducing the chance for daters to go into serious relationship. 35% actually stated good grammar as sexy.  The inforgraphic is shown below:

grammar-gets-love (1)

A quote from

US online daters spend $1.9 billion per year on dating sites and hours crafting their online dating profiles. However, very few of these people spend adequate time checking the grammar in their profiles. As insignificant as this may sound, it’s a big deal! Is poor grammar ruining your chance at finding true love? –

Although this survey was conducted in the US, it’s interesting to see how Malaysians respond to good grammar, or perhaps, we don’t really care since we have other languages at our disposal. What do you think?

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