Introducing Glogster – Learning via Interactive Poster

First of all, it’s not related to Google or even Friendster! Glogster ( is a great e-learning tool site, which allow students to creatively incorporate various resources like pictures, audios and videos to form an interactive poster. According to the site, a ‘glog’ is defined as an online poster web page. It’s has been around on the World Wide Web for a quite a while, but as far as i know, not many in Malaysia actually know its existence!

Well, you can now say goodbye to the conventional scrap book or poster activities (typical large-size “mahjong papers” in Malaysian classroom) especially when your students can gain access to computers and internet connection (I guess most schools are equipped with these facilities now). If there are limited computers in your school, you could use Glogster as a group activitiy or project. Ask them to work on a specific reading text such as a short story or even as means to generate ideas for writing.

Glogster is fun and engaging because unlike blogging, it is filled with interactive multimedia content. The best thing about Glogster is that you’re giving your students an authentic audience rather than presenting their work solely to their peers in class. Imagine when they can go back home and show their parents or neigbours what they did in the classroom using Glogster! You’ll be amaze with your students’ work! Of course, there has been issues on the kind of pictures or images published on Glogster as you’ll see some pictures that are inappropriate in school settings. Well, as teachers, you can always make the rules clear on what kind of images are allowed and make them realise the importance of making the images relevant to the content.

I guess it’s about time for teachers in Malaysia to incorporate various Web 2.0 tools available on the net to maximise learning. The boring lecturer-based lessons are now obsolete, especially in the era where students are well-equipped with mobile phones, and various technology gadgets. Instead of banning them, why don’t use it for the benefit of their learning!

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  1. Poonit Patel says:

    very good concept to learn via interactive posters.
    thanks for sharing with us.

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