Learn Vocabulary with Word Learner

If you are looking for a mobile app that could encourage your students to learn vocabulary, then try Word Learner for Android. This free app comes with a collection of 380 words categorised as Beginner/Expert. It comes with Learn Word Mode and Test Mode. The learning of new words is done through the flashcard method. The Test Mode will test your understanding of the words that you have learned. It is an engaging way to learn vocabulary especially for beginners.

Other features available in this app are:

  • Filter-Based Search Mode.(similar to a dictionary)
  • Daily Word Notifications- No more widgets required, instead get notified with a new word daily.
  • Review List – Lets you easily access all the words you find difficult at one place.
  • Statistics regarding your performance.
  • Integrated with Wiktionary – Long press a word to get more details about it like Etymology(i.e word origin).
  • U.S and U.K vocal pronunciations.

Try out this app, download from Google Play



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  1. Cik Suzlin says:

    Good info (^_______^) thanks!

  2. wordLearner says:

    This App has an updated version with many more useful features like these:
    *Root Words: Upto 320 roots with example words and their exact meanings.
    *Online Dictionary: Search for any word to get its definitions & usage examples from a wide range of dictionaries like WEBSTER, CENTURY, WORDNET, WIKTIONARY, AMERICAN HERITAGE DICT. provided by Wordnik.com.
    *If you come across a new word when you are browsing through websites you can now find its meaning through this App.
    *Improved readability & UI on 7-inch tablets.

  3. Ismail N says:

    That’s a very useful gadget. I especially like it’s other functions, eg Etymology and pronunciation. That’s not available in the usual dictionaries.

  4. Mun Lai says:

    Awesome stuff. learning is a process is a journey. It is great to see how you implement the learning curve with the latest technology.
    Great simple easy to understand article.

  5. Nice :) Very useful… tq

  6. AshrafZain says:

    A great sharing…thnx I really need this

  7. Penang Uncle says:

    Limited words with free version, otherwise it will be a great apps!

  8. Learning the creative way!
    Great apps

  9. Jeremy says:

    Getting to learn vocabulary can play an important part in our life when we are trying to learn up a language. The more words we grasp, the more we are going to understand what we read and talk. With this, we will stand at a better position whhere we can say what we want to when writing and speaking.

  10. This application is really cool. We have more tools to improve our english vocabulary through interesting way. It is quite simple and it works!

  11. sara says:

    Of course a good certification program should teach most or all of these topics, and it’s common for schools to give an orientation before teaching starts

    IELTS Academic Question

  12. I really appreciate your application. I download and very useful for me.

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