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The Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia has introduced the MyLINE portal for Malaysian students of higher learning. Online Resources for Learning in English is a service that offers resources for self-access language learning covering study skills, academic reading, writing and listening, grammar and other resources for learning in English for full-time students of public institutions of higher learning in Malaysia.


The service allows you to choose what you want to learn at your own pace. According to the information available on MyLine portal,

MyLinE is different from other available online language learning resources in several aspects. The following are some of its distinctive features:

1. Learning resources for higher education: The learning resources are designed and developed specifically to meet the academic and professional needs of students at tertiary level.

2. Resources for learning English and learning in English: The instructional materials and activities include not only resources for learning English, such as input and exercises on grammar and language use, but also informative resources in English on various disciplines and professions, such as information on the career path of a specific profession.

3. Interactive and self-explanatory activities: The pattern of information presented contains input on a topic, exercises to reinforce understanding of the input and answers with explanation to provide feedback on students’ performance.

You can visit the website at

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  1. Dr. Md. Abul Kalam Azad says:

    I would like to participate the English course.

  2. I would like to participation on the online learning and i hope to creasing my skiles about the english.
    best regured

  3. khalid mohamed says:

    i like such way to learn English , it is so effective and interesting , so i like to join the English course online and enrich my language skills

  4. Dhansy says:

    How to enrol into this course?

  5. fatemehazodi says:

    i like to join the English course online

  6. MyLine is a good platform to learn English and improve your language skills.

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