Palabea: Free Social Network for Language Learning

Palabea is not just a social network to make friends. It is an online platform for language learning via its virtual classrooms. Users can find friends and interact with them through several ways e.g. engage in audio or video conferencings, receive video or podcast lessons or even record their own videos and upload them online. Palabea proudly claim that they have invited only accredited education institutions to develop partnerships with them in order to ensure high-quality learning contest.

It offers a fresh and fun environment to learn a language (English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, you name it!). The interface is very attractive and this website would serve as a good platform for novice learners.

Instead of spending hours on Facebook, students can also sign up on Palabea and start learning the language more. You can take a quick tour of Palabea via this page.


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  1. amalina says:

    incredibly interesting! wanna try now.

  2. joyiman says:

    I will try to study here

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