Pronunciation: Learn English Vowels

Learning English vowels can be a great headache for students. English teachers, especially often struggle to find the best way to teach them the correct pronunciation of the vowels.

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One way is often to get help from “native speakers”. This is a useful video obtained from YouTube that could perhaps lend a hand!

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  1. DindaKanda says:

    this is the first time I came here.. wow never knew that this blog exist.. albeid I’m not TESL student or teacher.. I hope that I can improve my English here..

  2. nurullina ain lee says:

    To improve your English :
    1. speak English a lot. We learn through mistakes and gradually you will improve.
    2. listen to English channels, watch English speaking movies / dramas/ cartoons etc, sing english songs! Singing will help ……….believe me!
    3. read a lot on English materials. Find something that you like to read. Read aloud…..and don’t bother if people stare at you!
    4. Have some confidence in yourself and believe that you will improve….and you will. Positive mind creates positive soul….
    Good luck and have fun learning English.

  3. Xavier says:

    Thanks for lots of good informations on this page. I also will suggest which is cheap and useful. My friend suggested it to me and I am surprised how its helpful.

  4. SD says:

    Im just 17. I always got the highest mark for english paper in my class but it doesnt mean my english are good enough. Some of my friends said tht I should further studies in TESL programme but my confidence level to speak out to the public are very low. I just got the guts in writing an essay and typing just right now! And my grammar sometimes are even worse. HELP ME BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

  5. Sarah says:

    This is a good site to learn English. SD, don’t worry. I also have no confident in speaking English at first until I went to Australia two years ago. I start to speak English fluently when I was 20 years old. You need to do lots grammar and tense practice until you have confident in English. I do reply in English although my Malaysian friends speak in Malay to me. Slowly, I got confident to speak English and other languages too.

  6. Kelvin says:

    Wow.. I love this site so much.. Actually i not taking TESL and i had a bad English. I this site do really help me a lot. Thank.. Anyway, i really hope this site can have a forum which we allow us to discuss more. Increase the relationship between all the peoples who love English and who love to teach English… I will often visit this site for any new update. =)

  7. majella says:

    I’m glad for being success to get into this web. I,m an English lover, was trying hard to advance my English since years ago. I do believe that having a good English command makes one’s respects others. Since to become skilled English spoken is quite tough I’m hopping that this program/application could gives helps.

  8. mak says:

    Hey i am 25 year old still i have not understand the proper English and i have no dare to speak correct with other. It is difficult to me share and discuss with other. Any course should be make me proper train to speak and learn confidently and describe the following points to comes. Il give u lots of time to to learn english.

    could you help me for this please.

  9. khairun says:

    hye im glad ive found this link. .im currentyly doing my diploma in tesl in msu..hope this link will help me a lot :)

  10. sara says:

    The tips that you give are all good. It can help a certain student to improve their writing skills in English. Also, in that way, it may lead them in to a good writer who can write well in English language.

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