The New PMR English Language Paper 1 and Paper 2 Format (Starting 2012)

The ministry has released a circular in mid July on the new format for PMR English language paper, which will be implemented in 2012. There are changes to both papers with objective questions for literature component removed from Paper 1. The marks for the literature component in Paper 2 have been increased, allowing subjective responses from the students to be used as a measurement of their understanding and appreciation of the literary works.

The Changes

Paper 1

Section A
(short texts, charts, notices)
10 questions

Section B
Relational Cloze
10 questions

Section C
Closest in Meaning
6 questions

Section D
•    non-linear (1 text) – 6 questions
•    Linear (1 text – factual, narrative, etc) – 8 questions

Total: 40 questions (1 mark for each question)

Paper 2

Section A
Guided composition (non-linear and/or linear)
1 question – 25 marks

Section B
Literature components
•    Poems – open-ended questions (2 questions – 3 marks)
•    Novel – open response with textual evidence (1 question – 12 marks)

Section C
Summary writing
1 question – 10 marks

Total questions: 5
Total marks: 50


The New Format in Full

PMR English Language New Format 2012

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  1. Zul's Stuff says:

    nice…i hope all student can adapt to this new format!!!

  2. shah says:

    hey nice blog i really Like This Design! Good Job Man!

  3. nathan says:

    tq. is it possible for u to provide the new marking band for guided writing?

  4. Tajunijah says:

    TQVM..its hard to get info down here..

  5. phell says:

    how about short stories & drama. will these lit be assessed in any section?

  6. sabani ahmad says:

    i wonder if seperating 2 papers for PMR is really feasible

  7. azura says:

    hopefully, this time our students manage to score A for English paper.

  8. PIREN says:


  9. calvin says:

    thank you for the latest format. I think everyone is waiting for the marking rubrics for paper 2 esp section A(with marking bands)which has changed to 25 marks. I’m not too worried about summary since the mark allocation is almost the same. thanks.

  10. venka says:

    What about the short stories
    Does it mean there would be no questions set on short stories


  11. Thara says:

    The short stories and drama vil wun b test in pmr paper 2012…

  12. Pete says:

    I thought PMR will be abolished in 2014. So what’s this new format for?

  13. a'zk says:

    do you have latest version of pdf of english kbsm for secondary school?

  14. lavaniya says:

    i wonder y they change the format it really meke me easy to score guided writing

  15. wah it is very beautiful blogs…..

  16. Jackson says:

    Y wan change to new format?? not PMR is end at 2012???

  17. Wu says:

    paper 2 section A got word limit or not?

  18. yamaladevi says:


  19. LSYU says:

    i’m a new teacher here. can i know how to count the marks for paper 1 and paper 4? do i add them up together and divide it by 90 times 100? or do i count the papers separately and make each paper 100 then get the average out of it? urgent! thanks!

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