Useful Resources for Teaching “Catch Us if You Can” (Form 5 Novel)

Listed as one of the Form 5 novels for the KBSM Literature Component, Catch us if You Can by Catherine MacPhail (Perlis,Kelantan,Kedah, Penang and Perak) is one interesting story about Rory and his grandfather, Granda. The story portrays how Rory acted as his grandpa’s carer and their journey (of escape) is full of surprise betrayals and unexpected friends. Here are some useful resources that teachers could use in teaching the novel.

Teaching Guides

1. Teaching Guide by Pearson Education

This booklet by Pearson Education contains teachers’ guide in teaching the novel with several given worksheets and assessment criteria.

2. Form 5 Catch Us if You Can Manual

This document was vastly uploaded on but the original source is from Curriculum Development Centre with panel of writers (teachers from various schools.)


Set-Induction Ideas

1. Using “The Dave Clark Five-Catch Us If You Can” song to introduce the title of the story before going into other details.

2. Scavenger Hunt – Operation Catch Me If You Can.


About Catherine MacPhail

1. Catherine’s Official Page

2. Catherine’s Biography

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