Using Poetry Presentation to Spur English Language Use

Using poems in the English language classroom is nothing new, but to inject some forms of challenge and creativity in the process of delivering them can be intriguing to the learners. So, I started “Creative Poetry Presentation” activity in my class this semester, requiring my learners (coming from different faculties and having different MUET bands),  to perform a poem in groups of 5 to 6 students.


There were certain rules that I required them to follow:

1. They can write their own poem or modify existing ones by acknowledging the source.

2. The poem has to be presented in the most creative way as possible.

3. Minimise reading by looking at the paper.

4. They need to understand the poem to allow better interpretation of the poem.

5. Mix it with suitable songs.

After trying out this activity, I am truly amazed with the efforts given. All my students showed great enthusiasm in delivering their poems and some even showed great improvements in their pronunciations. They enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again! Haha.

Here’s an example of the presentation:

Have you tried poetry presentation in your class? Mind sharing?

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